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Clue scroll location guide

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Note: you can use CTRL F to navigate easily through locations.

Normal Clue Scrolls

Dig somewhere near some chickens:

-Monster Teleport - Chicken Pen-



Dig in the area you might see a fisherman:

-Click on the fishing icon-



Dig in the cave of the giant bird:

-Bosses teleport - Pheonix cave-



Dig near king black dragon:

-Bosses teleport - King black dragon-

WARNING: it's in the wilderness.



Dig near one of the slayer masters:

-Click slayer icon - Select Slayer Master (Vannaka) - Re-click slayer icon - Teleport to Slayer Master-



Dig near pest control teleport:

-Minigame teleport - Pest Control-



Dig near the first few crawling hands:

-Click on slayer teleport - Teleport to Slayer Tower-



Dig near the mining guild teleport:

-Click on the mining icon - Teleport: Mining Guild-



Dig near the tele to get chaotics:

-Click on the dungeoneering icon-



Dig somewhere in the middle of barrows:

-Minigame teleport - Barrows- (Dig down, Go up stairs, dig again)



Dig somewhere near duel arena:

-Minigame teleport - Duel arena-



Dig where players plant flowers:

-Minigame teleport - Castle wars-



Elite Clue Scrolls

Warning: Every steps are in the wilderness!

Dig at level 7 wildy at mining rocks:

-Wilderness teleport - West dragons - Go down to level 7-



Dig at level 14 wildy at a statue of a warrior:

-Wilderness teleport - Wilderness castle - Run east-



Dig at level 21 wildy at a den between 2 fires:

-Wilderness teleport - Wilderness castle - Run north in to the bandit camp-



Dig at level 31 wildy between 2 coffins:

-Wilderness teleport - Wilderness castle - Run north-west to the cemetary-



Dig at level 46 wildy on a star guided by demons:

-Wilderness teleport - Greater demons-



Dig at level 54 wildy by an anvil that no one uses:

-Wilderness teleport - Rogues castle - Run towards mage bank and continue until you find an old anvil-



Dig at level 55 wildy outside a wooden door:

-Wilderness teleport - Rogues castle - Run towards mage bank-



Dig at level 55 wildy by a pick-lock door:

-Wilderness teleport - Rogues castle - Run towards mage bank until you find the Resource area-



Dig at level 56 wildy on a ship wreckage:

-Wilderness teleport - Rogues castle - Run towards mage bank and keep going until you see rocks on map-


Made by: Mik

If you have any adjustments or need more informations, please let me know 🙂


Edited by Mik
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I just want to take the time to thank you for this guide! The effort that has gone into this is superb and will really help out our newer players coming to Sired! 
Keep up the good work, I hope to see more guides like this coming soon.


21k, Community Manager, Sired to Scape

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