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[02/02/2021] First ever dev blog, Master Skill Capes!

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You read it correctly, I have mentioned it to a few of you guys, well I'm slowly making it happen, this isn't so much of a quick process, it has been in the works for a few days now and today I'm going to give you all a little rundown of how it will all work.

Master Skill Capes: 200 Million experience required in the respected skill to wield the cape.
Each cape will have perks while the cape is equipped, here are the base perks, these are not set in stone by any means and we can modify them to our liking, all feedback will be highly appreciated to get this update spot on!

Combat related:

  • Constitution, perk: Health point regenerates 25% faster unless in PvP areas.
  • Attack, perk: 7.5% chance to hit twice, only in affect with PvM.
  • Strength, perk: 7.5% chance to hit with 20% additional damage.
  • Defence, perk: 7.5% chance to deflect 50% of the damage back onto the opponent/NPC.
  • Ranged, perk: 7.5% chance for your bolts special effect to happen on top of the bolt type current formula.
  • Prayer, perk: 7.5% chance for you to replenish a prayer point instead of losing a prayer point.
  • Magic, perk: 7.5% chance that you wont spend runes on the spell in use.


Skill Related:

  • Runecrafting, perk: 10% chance that you will craft double runes.
  • Construction, perk: Ability to replenish yourself using the "replenish" option on the cape, this works off charges and can only be used when not in combat.
  • Dungeoneering, perk: 7.5% chance to receive double tokens from a dungeon run.
  • Agility, perks: Infinite run, able to claim 10 stamina potions a day from the cape.
  • Herblore, perk: 10% Chance for when cleaning 1 herb it will clean every herb in your inventory in 1 tick same goes with making the potions.
  • Thieving, perks: Everything evolved around the skill is doubled.
  • Crafting, perks: Teleportation to crafting guild, Same as herblore but with cutting gems etc.
  • Fletching, perks: Same with Crafting and Herblore but with everything evolved around the Fletching skill.
  • Slayer, perk: 15% additional chance when killing your task NPC a superior version will spawn.
  • Hunter, perk: Everything caught/trapped is doubled.
  • Mining, perks: Ability to teleport to the mining guild, Everything mined is doubled.
  • Smithing, perk: 12.5% chance for your Smithing action to complete in 1 tick.
  • Fishing, perk: You will catch double what you're fishing every time.
  • Cooking, perks: You will never burn anything, 12.5% chance you will cook every fish in your inventory in 1 tick.
  • Firemaking, perks: 50% chance to not use the log when burning it, 12.5% chance to acquire the pyromancer equipment or phoenix pet.
  • Woodcutting, perks: Every log you cut is doubled, cape acts as a constant dragon axe special attack. dragon axe special attack
  • Farming, perks: everything grows twice as quickly, everything you are picking becomes noted within your inventory.
  • Summoning, summoning points drain at half the speed.


So how far ahead are we with this update?

Cape requirements handling = 100% Completed.
Cape perks handling = 50% Completed.


Sorry if this is a little messy, my first dev blog pretty much and my first post in a long while, hope you are all well.

As I mentioned all feedback is really appreciated so please do not hesitate to reply with your input.

Media will be on this thread starting tomorrow featuring the perks in action.

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