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Seasonal coming to an end

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Hello Sired to Scape community,

I would like to begin by apologising for my lack of activity lately, in the middle of moving house so haven't had the time to get on but that should all be settled by next week and things can get back to normal!

The first season has been quite rocky but it was expected, this season will be coming to an end in around a weeks time, after that we will be working for quite some time on the main server building up the community ready for the next season certainly hoping for more competition.

Winners I will have to manually figure out so I will need players who see themselves at top to pm me closer to the end with their final total level or even prestige which for anyone who has prestige great job! 

Hope to see everyone getting on the server with me from next week and we can start building up the community.

Thanks for taking part in season 1, Sired to Scape CEO, Adam.

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