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  1. Fire am looking forward to seeing a season of who can get the most skills to 200m exp
  2. Fist 200m xp achieved in woodcutting https://imgur.com/a/fhlQg0c Second 200m xp achieved in firemaking https://imgur.com/a/KwJHF0l Third 200m xp achiever in Mining https://imgur.com/a/vr8ZdUz
  3. Hello everyone most of you know me but for the players who don't my name is Megan IGN: Collector. I am a 31 year old female from Windsor Ontario Canada I am big into music and anime such as Pokemon and Digimon I am always up for a chat and willing to help out whenever I can however I can. I look forward to meeting you all ingame and if you ever need help feel free to pm me or dm me on discord To Hot For U #5220. Thank you for taking time to ready my introduction. Regards: Megan
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