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  2. Keen to never touch one of these capes, Legend xp rates 4 lyfe
  3. You read it correctly, I have mentioned it to a few of you guys, well I'm slowly making it happen, this isn't so much of a quick process, it has been in the works for a few days now and today I'm going to give you all a little rundown of how it will all work. Master Skill Capes: 200 Million experience required in the respected skill to wield the cape. Each cape will have perks while the cape is equipped, here are the base perks, these are not set in stone by any means and we can modify them to our liking, all feedback will be highly appreciated to get this update spot on! Combat rela
  4. Hello Sired to Scape community, I would like to begin by apologising for my lack of activity lately, in the middle of moving house so haven't had the time to get on but that should all be settled by next week and things can get back to normal! The first season has been quite rocky but it was expected, this season will be coming to an end in around a weeks time, after that we will be working for quite some time on the main server building up the community ready for the next season certainly hoping for more competition. Winners I will have to manually figure out so I will need pla
  5. Fire am looking forward to seeing a season of who can get the most skills to 200m exp
  6. $10 Donated, Anubis Donator Benefits: Access to donator zone, ::dz Ability to yell, 60 second cooldown timer between each yell 8 more commendations at Pest Control Experience gain modifier of x1.1 Loyalty points modifier of x1.5 3k gold each time when thieving from stalls $50 Donated, Demigod Donator Benefits: Access to donator zone, ::dz Ability to yell, 40 second cooldown timer between each yell 13 more commendations at Pest Control Experience gain modifier of x1.25 Loyalty points modifier of x1.5 3k gold each time when thieving from stalls $250 Donated, Hades
  7. Hello Sired to Scape community, Season 1 is beginning in just a little over 24 hours, if you haven't already take a look at #pay-out-amounts on discord take the time to do so now. Now for the first season it is going to be really scuffed as I really haven't had the team or time to prepare it, but lets just roll with it and see out the first season, as we progress in seasons so will the quality of the server, I will be paying for some advertisements on some of the best places I know starting from tomorrow so fingers crossed we pull this off! About the whole situation with donatin
  8. Staff Members hold the right to punish any player/user they deem disruptive, these rules are only put into place as guidelines and the punishments may not be according to the rules, they could be lesser or greater. If you have any questions about the rules decreed here, please message a staff member for assistance. Rule #1: Third-party Software/Macros Usage of Third-party software in order to obtain an unfair advantage will get you punished. For example; using an auto-clicker to AFK skill. You are however allowed to auto-click whilst actively watching your screen (being able t
  9. Fist 200m xp achieved in woodcutting https://imgur.com/a/fhlQg0c Second 200m xp achieved in firemaking https://imgur.com/a/KwJHF0l Third 200m xp achiever in Mining https://imgur.com/a/vr8ZdUz
  10. Welcome to Sired to Scape🤪 Regards, 21k, Community Manager, Sired to Scape
  11. Hey Megan welcome to Sired to Scape! 🙂
  12. Hello everyone most of you know me but for the players who don't my name is Megan IGN: Collector. I am a 31 year old female from Windsor Ontario Canada I am big into music and anime such as Pokemon and Digimon I am always up for a chat and willing to help out whenever I can however I can. I look forward to meeting you all ingame and if you ever need help feel free to pm me or dm me on discord To Hot For U #5220. Thank you for taking time to ready my introduction. Regards: Megan
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